About Us


With lots of traveling and long rehearsal days months on end, they were finally beginning to see all their hard work was starting to pay off for the soon to be performing rock band they all dreamed of being. With a name that they quickly agreed on, they now have an ep ready to be released within just a few months and are ready to show the city who they really are. Giving the band a new approach to the scene with their new vocalist Karina Lagstrom, they are young, hungry, and eager to make a great

impression. So far they have played smaller clubs throughout the Somerville/ Cambridge area like Thunder Road, The Jungle, and The Middle East as well as being interviewed on 91.5FM WUML followed by a live performance of the latest songs. With lots of fans supporting and already waiting to get there hands on it, releasing their music this month and recording it live at PinkNoise Studios, they will have a total of four songs ready tobe released. The first song “Wondering” a down and dirty rock n roll anthem, “Boozehound” a punchy punk rock banger, “Want you” is a sleek, sexy, and weird song of lust and “Lone Babe” a bluesy, hypnotic,unique yet eearily familiar experimental track.


The music will be released as an EP and when the album is complete they will record the rest of their work and release it as a full LP in early 2020 then will begin the first tour shortly after, meanwhile having music videos currently being put together to help promote their work, Singer Karina Lagstrom, 25, from south of Boston sang as soon as she talked and started writing songs and poetry around the age of 5. She grew up on Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Nirvana and Evanescence. From age 16 on she has played in a few different bands and finally found the right group in February 2019, calling themselves Twig. 21 year old Joe Florence plays bass in Twig. He began playing bass at age 14 and knew immediately that he loved to play. He is mainly influenced by classic rock and metal from the 70’s and 80’s - Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and deep purple. He enjoys incorporating the classics and their influences into new original rock n roll. Richie Gonzales manages an electric range of genres of influences, beginning with jazz and spanning the rock n roll genre to include the classics and modern rock. At 21 years of age he excels past his years of experience and elevates Twig to a higher level.


Founder and Guitarist Danny Norwood, 23, with 11+ years of one on one guitar lessons with his personal private instructor Chris Kersker of Accel School Of Music, has helped Danny surpass his goals for learning and mastering the instrument with influences ranging from surf rock guitar to classic flamenco style acoustic, and rock n roll. Danny’s instructor has helped him join with multiple different bands throughout his musical experience growing up to fuel his passion to one day play in his own band. With lots to look forward too, Twig will soon release their first EP by late October early November 2019, which will be available on all music platforms as well with a full music video to promote the first song on the EP “wondering” filmed and produced by DFJ Media. Following up with an EP release show for their new music, they have all agreed to hit the road and tour the states.